Craftworks Coffee Construction / by Claire Grotz

We at Atelier Drome have had the pleasure of working with the folks at Craftworks Coffee, who are about to open their first shop in Lower Queen Anne around June 15th. Craftworks Coffee is a specialty coffee bar, focusing on organic, fair trade and single origin coffees from some of the finest micro-roasters in the USA. Construction is nearing completion, and before the final product is unveiled, we want to share the construction process with you.

When we first walked in to the space, we were confronted by a three-foot grade change running the length of the cafe. This was a blessing of sorts, in that it was easy to run water and electricity lines through the low half of the space. To level the space, our fantastic construction team (DMC Tenant Improvement Services) filled it up with refrigerator-sized styrofoam blocks and poured new concrete on top. 

Next, we cut expansion joints in the concrete, and insulated the walls. The wall area with the specialty grey-green insulation protects a wine cooler from temperature fluctuations on the other side of the wall. 

Then we frame the walls with steel and the bar with wood. Then the bar is painted black to prepare for steel cladding with thin reveals, and the walls and ceiling receive drywall and their first coat of paint. We decided to use a 'cloud' over the bar to draw attention to the coffee making process; the cloud also accommodates lighting and sprinklers, and it fulfills a valuable part of the health code, protecting the coffee zone from pipes overhead. Next up: steel, wood, quartz, furniture and a custom mural!

There's plenty to do between now and June 15th, but we are all excited to show off the space, and most importantly, the coffee!