DIY Board Form Patio / by Steve

This week in our ongoing effort to to document the things we personally construct, we wanted to share the patio that Steve has been building at his home. It's turning out great and has been a good learning opportunity to understand the labor costs, detailing and finishing process for board form concrete. Personally making things, helps us better understand and specify similar building techniques in the work our office does. The design process for A DIY project is really not that much different then a contractor built project. The more you think the process before you begin the smoother it goes. A tight budget and expensive taste sometimes forces you to take matters into your own hands and make things yourself. This patio turned out well and we learned a lot about how to specify and build board form concrete that will help us counsel our next client or contractor. We are looking forward to seeing some planting go in and perhaps Steve will have us over for some relaxing and wine after work.