architectural photography / by George Maroussis

As anyone who has ever tried to capture that perfect shot knows, photographing architecture can often be more challenging than it seems.  In light of some recent updates to our website featuring new photos of a few recently completed projects, we thought it would be fun to share some useful photography pointers to keep in mind whether snapping photos on your next vacation or documenting a project of your own:

Lighting - Paying attention to the weather and time of day is crucial to taking advantage of the natural light in your photographs.  For example: strong sunlight on a clear afternoon can create shadow lines that highlight texture and patterns making for dramatic exterior shots, while cloud cover will diffuse light to create more soft, even tones that can be desirable when shooting interiors.   If you have a lot of contrast between the darkest and the lightest areas in your shot, try using lamps or interior lighting strategically to even out a dark area.  

Composition - Being deliberate when composing your images can make a big difference in the way your photographs convey their subject matter.  When taking wide shots to accurately portray a space or building, keeping the camera level will help maintain a parallel perspective that results in a more honest and experiential depiction.  If you are looking to capture the style and atmosphere of a place, try composing tighter vignettes and highlight key moments or details that convey these qualities.  

Creativity- Patience and creativity are valuable traits in photography, remember that you don't always need the best equipment or software to create great photos.  Experimenting in different lighting conditions can help you discover different approaches to the same shot and might reveal new aspects of a building that haven't caught your eye before.  Taking the time to try different things can often lead to pleasantly unexpected results.  

We hope you find these thoughts useful in your future photography endeavors,  please enjoy some teaser images below of a couple new projects to appear on our website soon.. stay tuned for lots of exciting updates in the near future!