Futurism / by Henry

I just saw Prometheus over the weekend, and as with Ridley Scott's other sci-fi movies (Blade Runner and the Alien franchise), I was blown away by the production design. In a perfect world I would love to be a production designer for sci-fi movies. To have the freedom of pure creativity without the necessity of building codes and the limitations of materials and budget would be very fulfilling to me. My work, when possible, is in many ways influenced by the great futurist production designers in movies and video games.

Ridley Scott has worked with production designer Arthur Max on 10 films including Prometheus. Other designers he collaborated with are Syd Mead, who's work can be seen in the technology of Bladerunner and Aliens, as well as H.R. Giger, the creator of the terrifying Alien. Here's one of my favorite images from Prometheus, as well as links to Syd Mead's and HR Giger's websites, and more images at the Prometheus website.