Rolling Huts / by Steve

As a member of the Atelier Design Team, I thought I would share some of my interests and influences by contributing to the blog. Last weekend was an excellent opportunity to get out of town and visit some inspirational architecture. With only a five hour drive from Seattle the Rolling Huts in the Methow Valley were a great get away.  These shelters were designed by the architect Tom Kundig of Olsen Kundig Architects.  Theoretically the huts can move, allowing them to creatively sneak around some building regulations.  Despite the minimalist design aesthetic, I thought they provided a cozy and comfortable stay. Bonus points for the creative use of a framed in port-a-potty! I really appreciated the materials and simple construction of the huts.  I also really enjoyed the schematic design of shifting the box off center from the raw steel frame. As a result I geeked out a bit and took a bunch of photographs that I would like to share. I hope you enjoy them.

~ Steve