40 ways to celebrate 40 years of Earth Day / by Michelle Linden

1. Stop drinking from individual water bottles and use a reusable one instead.
2. Plant a tree that will provide shade and beauty for years to come.
3. Insulate all ductwork to minimize energy loss in your home.
4. Walk or bike to work for one week instead of driving.
5. Attempt to go one week without bringing any new plastic into your home.
6. Investigate alternative energy sources for your home - The government is still offering tax credits!
7. Go vegetarian at least once per week.
8. Visit your local farmer's market for locally grown groceries.
9. Use catch basins connected to downspouts to collect water for gardening.
10. Turn off your computer every night. This saves $$ and energy.
11. Build a microbial fuel cell and use it to generate electricity from compost.
12. Build your own solar panel from recycled aluminum cans.
13. Turn off the tv for a night and read a book.
14. Get rid of your windex and use water and vinegar instead.
15. Get an energy audit done on your home.
16. Cancel any catalogs you receive in the mail, especially any duplicates!
17. Buy a solar charger for your cell phone or ipod.
18. Stop using chemicals on your grass and get used to a varied lawn
19. Go out to dinner at a local restaurant rather than a chain where food is shipped in from across the country.
20. Use recycled toilet paper, otherwise old growth forests are being cut down for our toilet paper.

21. Switch from paper napkins to cloth.
22. Take a walk and meet your neighbors, instead of sitting inside using electricity.
23. Turn off your ac or heat and bundle up or strip down instead!
24. Update your roof to support a green roofing system (or living wall instead).
25. Add shading devices to windows now, to help keep heat down in the coming summer.
26. Invest in wind turbines.
27. Donate a hippo roller - http://projecthdesign.org/ - to a community in need of accessible water.
28. Install a shower filter to eliminate chlorine, stop drying your skin, and improve the surrounding air quality!
29. Install a programmable thermostat.
30. Install a solar powered attic fan to reduce cooling loads.
31. Use a slow cooker for dinner - even though it is on all day, it actually saves energy!
32. Use salvaged materials whenever possible during both remodels and new construction.
33. Take a native garden design class.
34. Volunteer (or donate) with Habitat for Humanity, Builders without Borders, or Architecture for Humanity.
35. Attend a local Earth Day event - for Seattle check out http://blog.seattlepi.com/thebigblog/archives/202870.asp?from=blog_last3
36. Donate used clothing to a charity in need, rather than throwing them away (or letting them take up space in your closet).
37. Vow not to kill bees for the summer - we need them for pollination!
38. Log on to your local freecycle to share and recycle in your neighborhood.
39. Switch your printer to print double sided instead of single.
40. Build a new birdhouse to encourage nature to visit you!