Doing Good Through Design / by Michelle Linden

War Victims - 'child soldiers' by Pablo Grand Mourcel, France

Water Scarcity by Rémy Le Rumeur, France

Child Mortality by Behrooz Gorgin, Iran

Global Warming by Sadık Sakin, Turkey

Human Rights Violation - 'freedom' by Napin Mandhachitara, Thailand

Hunting - 'stop commercial whaling' by Cédric Quissola, France

STDs - 'aids' by Onur Gökalp, Turkey

Good 'O8 has created a contest for advertisers and graphic designers to allow them to use their craft for good, rather than sales. They created 7 topics and asked designers all over the world to create 50x70 posters based on these topics. Thirty winners were selected from each category (above are a few of my favorites) and could potentially be used by charities across the globe.

Check the designs out... there are so many fabulous and thought provoking designs...