4X a2o / by Michelle Linden

Urban development around the station
This project is a collaboration between a2o architecten and J Mayer H, responding to a masterplan by West 8. While its easy to see J Mayer H's influence on the design, the end product seems a bit more restrained than the German firm's typical designs... and I personally quite like it.

Cultural Centre Genk
I'm always a sucker for a nice sketch or collage... But, I'm particularly drawn to this image for the Cultural Centre in Genk. a2o architecten has clearly given though not just to the buildings, but to the spaces between buildings, including the structure's impact on light and use of the space.

Barrosch Remodel
In this project, a2o architecten has provided a simple glass box to act as a show room as well as a connector between two protected art nouveau structures. The simple detailing minimizes the impact of the new structure on the old.

Embassy of Qatar in Brussels
This project is probably my favorite of the bunch... Using the idea of traditional Islamic arabesques, a2o architecten have created a skin (and possibly a structure?) from these arabesques. They have managed to create a highly decorated form reminiscent of Islamic structures, interiors, and art, without simply providing additive decorations. All in all, I think its quite lovely, and quite clever.