Tradition in Kärsämäki / by Michelle Linden

I have seen this project a few times on various websites and blogs, but until today I had really never read up on the project. I knew that this wooden church located in Kärsämäki, Finland was the result of a student competition (won by Anssi Lassila of the University of Oulu) in conjunction with the parish of Kärsämäki (and additional funding from the EU). However, until I noticed the admittedly older post on 2 or 3 things, I had never checked out the webpage for this church.

Apparently, this wooden church replaces one that was built in the 1700s, and subsequently lost in the 1800s, using traditional 18th century building processes. The church was intended not just as a place for worship, but as a place for learning, too. Using these historic building techniques, older craftsmen were able to pass on their trades to a younger generation through volunteer participation in the construction process.

This is truly a special project... incorporating a very simple, modern, and beautiful design with volunteerism, learning, and community traditions.