Simple, Sublime Steel / by Michelle Linden

Matador's website is entirely in French, so I can't really read it, but I've got to believe that this project is an infill renovation for the Maison Folie Centre des Chantiers Culturels Participatifs in the Ville de Mons, Belgium. Its a lovely project incorporating modern design into an existing, much older project. The steel trusses look like they could have always been there, and yet there is something distinctly modern about their lightweight forms. The rhythm of the forms exterior forms is quite beautiful. This perfect rhythm is the one thing that makes me wonder if the project is entirely new construction, but I'd like to believe that the architects were just lucky enough to have a great starting point in the existing buildings.

The steel forms of this project, Rénovation des anciens abattoirs de Mons Equipement culturel are also very beautiful in contrast with the stark white interior. I'm not exactly sure where the renovation begins and the existing structure ends, but this project as a whole is quite lovely. The simple steel forms impress me the most (whether original or new), but the interior infill and lighting are also simple and spectacular.

I'd love to learn more about these projects or other works by Matador, so if anyone knows of any information in English, I'd be glad to see it.