A Perfect Fall Evening / by Michelle Linden

Tonight was a beautiful fall evening, one of the nicest I can remember in a long time. Growing up in Massachusetts, I've always had a special place in my heart for fall. I love the crisp air, clear sunny skies, apple picking, hay rides... the whole bit. Here is Seattle, I always feel like I miss out on the best part of fall. It seems like the weather turns immediately from a mild summer to a rainy winter. But for some reason, after the terrible summer we had, we've been graced with a fairly spectacular fall so far. Tonight was an especially great night. The air was a crisp as could be without being cold, the sun was shining until it set, and not a drop of rain fell after the afternoon drizzle.

On the first thursday of every month, the galleries and museums in Seattle keep their doors open a bit later and sponsor an art walk downtown. C and I took the opportunity to spend the evening wandering around Pioneer Square checking out the different galleries and I couldn't have asked for a better night out.

Below are a few of the pieces we saw while wandering around. Although the artwork was quite beautiful (overall), I was much more impressed by the buildings housing the galleries. Walking up and down the stairs of these old historic lofts was more entertaining to me than any of the artwork. I really wish that I had remembered to bring my camera as it was a perfect night for photography.