Love The Life X4 / by Michelle Linden

I really like this design of the Simpatica Restaurant because it reminds me of all the design we saw while in Tokyo, but updated in an even more modern way. For some reason, so many of the buildings in Japan are clad in ceramic tile (like this one)... And many of the store and restaurants open up onto the streetscape. I love the way Love The Life has incorporated these typically Japanese design ideas into a renovation of this restaurant. The clean lines and light fixtures at the interior are also a lot of fun!

Again, this is another project by Love The Life that opens up a retail space (in this case, a bakery) to the sidewalks. Folding doors are such a great way to bring the outside in... The molded ceiling is another great feature of the design.

This House of the Valley project reminds me of what we saw alot of in Japan. As everyone knows, the country is already densely populated, so in populous areas like Tokyo, architects are forced to design up rather than out. This multi-leveled house envelopes a courtyard, allowing the light to stream through the building, while still maintaining a fairly stark and private exterior facade. [And I'm a big fan of those light fixtures, too!]

This bakery design actually reminds me of the kind of design we see in New York, except that the exposed brick walls and steel trusses seem light rather than industrial. This is probably due as much to their color as to the other clean and light interior elements.

Love The Life is clearly producing a range of clean and exciting projects... And if you are interested in checking out some of their in process works, you can read their blog! Assuming of course that you can read kanji!