Deformations in the Park / by Michelle Linden

Stadtpark Hardau Competition Entry


Milan Interior Remodel

Reversible Chaise

The Stadtpark Hardau is an interesting competition entry for a newly developed park in Zurich, Switzerland. The entry, as designed by Studio Power uses the history of the site to develop the new topographies. The existing parking is pushed underground and covered by a thin layer of concrete, whose own form is affected by the other site features (both historic and current). These deformations allow light to penetrate the space below. I think that the subtle shifts in form create a quite dynamic outdoor refuge in the middle of the city. These changes in topography create a quietness and protection at the site that might not exist if it were a flat site, with the busy cityscape invading it on all borders.
Studio Power is a Milan based firm that specializes in all sorts of design, including architecture, furniture, interiors, and industrial designs. The images shown above are a small sample. I'm personally drawn to the carafe [whose form is created by deformations not unlike the Stadtpark Hardau] and wish that I could purchase one for myself!