Whitcher Matyear Architects / by Michelle Linden

Camden House
Cafe Concept
Burrawang House

I often dream about the beginning of my own firm and creating a website to represent that firm. I find blogging to be fun, but I'd really like to find a way to incorporate some of my own work and somehow parlay that into a full time career. Marcus Trimble has done an impressive job of integrating his blog into his firm (and vice versa)... but the thing that I always struggle with is how to illustrate a body of work (and gain clients) when you've got very little actual built work. When I checked out Whitcher Matyear's website, it occurred to me that they had done a great job in presenting their work, even with limited built structures. Their graphics are simple and clean and show a wide variety of phases and designs. Its just the kind of thing that I'd like to create...