Pott Architects / by Michelle Linden

Wannseeterraces, Berlin - A proposal for the reinvention of a lakeside retreat outside of Berlin.
Santaverde Academy, Spain - An academy for a sustainable way of life that would integrate the local vernacular and open aloe vera fields.
IDL Uplights, Berlin - A wave of uplights.
House L - A sustainable home for a family of form, intended to be ecologically responsible, harmonize with the natural world, and provide a reclusive spot to escape from city life.

Pott Architects has a fabulous range of
work, most of which has horizontal lines as the common denominator. Some of these projects (particularly the first image) remind me of Zaha Hadid's work... although I think they've managed to get more built!

I can't remember the site that led me to PA, so let me know if its yours...