I Miss My Old Bike / by Michelle Linden

When I was studying at Delft, I bought a bicycle very similar to this one... It was used, but it still cost me $100, which at the time seemed like a complete rip-off. I absolutely loved that bike and wished that I had brought it back with me, instead of selling it. But, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I was doing some traveling and couldn't easily lug the bike around with me.

Its been a while since then, so when C and I moved closer to our jobs we decided to buy a couple of cruiser bikes. He gets a lot more use out of his than I do, since he rides it every day to work (I walk). Although I like my bicycle, its a very heavy version of the bike above. So, when I saw this bike in Metropolis as being sold at Seattle Bike Supply, I thought it my be worth a look. Unfortunately, since this one is about $800 and it will never show up on craig's list, I think I'll just keep my current bicycle and the fond memories of my old one.