Back from Vacation / by Michelle Linden

I arrived home from vacation late last night, and headed straight to work this morning... so I'm really just feeling like I'm really back in Seattle.

Going home to Gloucester was great as usual. Its always fabulous to see my family and head to the beach (although the weather wasn't very cooperative). This trip also coincided with my high school reunion, which was a booze cruise on one of the local whale watch boats. I was lucky to touch base with a number of friends with whom I had lost touch (the few others who left Gloucester) and had a great time cruising around the harbor.

I left Gloucester mid-week for a short stop over in Chicago. Chicago was also a great time, and I managed to survive the bizarre weather and even enjoy some sunshine. And of course, I managed to visit a few great architectural projects (both new and old) that I'll post here throughout the rest of the week.

Like all vacations, I completely enjoyed my time away from work, but I'm still glad to be home. Hopefully, I'll be back to posting regularly this week!