A Return to Their Roots / by Michelle Linden

As I've mentioned before, I am a big fan of Herzog & de Meuron... But, I've been a bit disappointed with some of their most recent projects. With the exception of the Tate Addition (which I detest) I don't absolutely hate them, but I can't say I'm entirely convinced either. Some of their more recent projects including the Tate Addition, the Hamburg Philharmonic Hall, and Vitra Museum (shown above) seem contrived, and a far cry from their original architectural philosophy.

As Jacques Herzog himself said (comparing their work to Andy Warhol):
"He used common Pop images to say something new. That is exactly what we are interested in: to use well known forms and materials in a new way so that they become alive again ... We love to destroy the clichés of architecture… The strength of our buildings is the immediate, visceral impact they have on a visitor."
Personally, I've felt like the well known forms and innovative materials have been muddied by an attempt to stay current, when really H&dM's work has always been current and relevant. However, this new project 40 Bond, a luxury Manhattan residence is a throwback to some of their earlier ideas... The glass reinterpretation of a classic New York cast iron building is just spectacular. And if you're lucky enough to buy one of these beauties, you'll also get custom designed H & dM lighting and plumbing fixtures. But, you better move fast, because these condos and townhomes are almost all sold! If I could afford one... I'd definitely love to own one.

For more photos and info, check out 40 Bond.