Haven't Seen This Before / by Michelle Linden

The Beijing Planetarium by Amphibian Arc is a slightly older project... but when my boss sent me these pictures, it was the first time I had seen it. The glazing system is really interesting, as the architects/contractors were forced to work out a system in which the glass and mullions could be produced concurrently, rather than building the frames first with the glass following (as is typical). This was especially tricky as the project involved working out the details of these deformed, weathertight, and double glazed glass panels well in advance of the actual start of construction and due to the deformities, there were many details to work out. Clearly, the effort was well worth it... as this project has become yet another spectacular addition to Beijing (and has been recognized as such by Architectural Record, Architektura & Biznes, USA China Press, and Art Magazine).