Biology and Architecture / by Michelle Linden

Stockholm City Library

Stockholm City Library

Study of Aluminum Prototype

Aluminum Prototype

North Sydney Bus Shelter Prototype

"EMERGENT’s approach is informed by contemporary models of biology and systems theory rather than by the arts, toward an architecture based on structural pattern formation and emergent behavior. The work is part of a larger contemporary movement in architecture referred to by Detlef Mertins in 2004 as ‘Bioconstructivism’, where biology, mathematics, and engineering combine to produce an architecture characterized by its variability and performance." -About Emergent
Emergent's design philosophy is reflected as clearly in their work as it is in their mission statements. It is easy to see how science has influenced the projects shown above... Butterfly wings and even more specifically, the cellular structure of plants come to mind when looking at these images. When reviewing the images above, particularly the library, I am reminded of peeling back the outer skin of a leaf, revealing a complex and beautiful structure inside. While, I think that a lot of Emergent's projects start to look the same, you must admit that there is a certain quality of simple complexity, just as nature's seemingly simple beauties are actually formed by very complex biological structures.