Peter Does it Again / by Michelle Linden

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find an architect who doesn't hold Peter Zumthor with a bit of reverence. He a master of simple forms and complex spaces, a constant innovator in the construction process. In this project, the Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, he has designed a chapel which was built by the local farmers. The interior formwork was built with timber logs, which were later removed by burning the logs, thus creating an intriguing and varied interior finish. In my opinion, of the most impressive attributes of PZ as an architect, is not only his masterful designs, clean lines, and innovative use of materials... but also his ability to work within constraints such as budget and time. These are two things that most architects deal with on a daily basis, but that Starchitects generally have the luxury to ignore. Peter Zumthor is not only willing to take on smaller projects, but he manages to make these small projects some of the most interesting examples of modern architecture today.