Modern Garden Design / by Michelle Linden

C & I once again spent this weekend moving into our new house. Because we are downsizing, everything is taking longer than expected. Every box that we move first needs to be weeded through and sorted; then as we empty the boxes we need to properly locate everything to make sure that we have enough room. Its been an exhausting procedure, but well worth it... so far, we've thrown out over 5 boxes of unnecessary junk.

While we are unpacking, my mind is constantly wandering to the different ways I can fix up the house. I've already sketched a few plans for the remodel, but I have yet settled on a master plan. The house has a decent sized back yard, and because the house itself is so small I think its important that the yard can become another usable and enjoyable space. Unfortunately, while I've got some ideas regarding the design, I don't actually know anything about plants. I will likely need to ask someone for help.

This design by X and L is just the kind of imagery I've been gravitating towards, and the sort of design I'd love to implement. XandL is usually known for spectacular modern interior designs, but in this case they have used their understanding of intimate space to create a lovely garden atmosphere. I love the combination of organic planting with architectural pavers and built structures. I only hope that we can create something so satisfying.

Via Bloesem