Mailboxes on the Brain / by Michelle Linden

Ever since Karen mentioned the great modern mailboxes she saw, I've had mailboxes on the brain. Its really difficult to find a good modern design and in my opinion, even more difficult to find ones that are modern, but not metal! Wouldn't this be a great place to use some sort of innovative material?!?! Something that would be great in small doses, but perhaps not as good on a large scale would be perfect for a mailbox.
As a sidenote... please pardon the poor image editing, as I mentioned before, I don't have consistent internet access and this particular computer doesn't have image editing software!
I actually bought this mailbox for my parents last Christmas... so although I like it, I don't think I could have it for our house.
This is probably my favorite mailbox of the bunch...

This is a nice mailbox (but seriously expensive), if you really feel the need to have it keyed...But, I have to admit that if I were to buy anything from this site, it would probably be the fire pit.

I think that this mailbox is great, too... But I can't find where you can buy it...
Any others that you can think of?