Smallest Coolest / by Michelle Linden

A selection of a few of my favorite entries into the 3rd Annual Smallest Coolest Apartment contest at Apartment Therapy .

This Hollywood, CA studio is a fabulous mid-century modern inspired design. At only 390 sq. ft., the room feels almost spacious. I love the hand painted walls, which really add interest to the minimalistic decor.

The interior design of this San Diego 596 sq. ft. two bedroom craftsman is consistent with the period, yet adds a sense of modernity. Although I must admit that the bathroom is my favorite room in the house, with the storage wall a very clever and beautiful solution.

I really love the original brick of this 520 sq. ft. one bedroom in Boston, MA. Although, this is obviously not a feature we can all duplicate... The brick is enhanced by the stark white and warm colors throughout the home.

This 440 sq. ft. studio in Gramercy Park is one of my favorite designs of the bunch. The light box plinth multi-tasks as a light fixture, bookcase, and bed platform. And we all know how much I love multi-function design. The minimalist decor only adds to the allure.

At 649 sq. ft., this San Francisco one bedroom is one of the most spacious entries into the competition. Its also one of the most professionally finished. The storage wall of the bedroom and living space is lovely, considered as both architecture and art. I also quite enjoy the skewed flooring that directs you to the view out the window...

Out of all the entries shown here, this Hell's Kitchen 560 sq. ft. one bedroom is the least like anything I would choose to live in... however, you have to admit that it has a great feeling at home. Personally, I'd really enjoy this space as a coffee shop or small book shop, but you can certainly understand escaping the modern city for this throwback to a simpler time.

All of these entries are great examples of how small can absolutely be better. Less truly is more.