Inside/Outside / by Michelle Linden

The du Plessis house by Marcio Klogan is a sublime example of architectural space flowing freely from inside to outside. Look closely at the photo and notice the exterior courtyard beyond... I noticed this project when flipping through a book I bought this weekend from Peter Miller bookstore, and wasn't surprised at all to find that it had been one of the 2004 Architectural Record Homes of the Year. Influenced by the Brazilian lifestyle, where Marcio's office is located, he's mastered the difficult proposition of providing enclosed space at the outside. This space is neither interior nor exterior...

I particularly appreciate the relatively low ceilings in comparison to the scale of the space, creating an intimacy that might otherwise be lost if the room was opened further. Moreover, the stone walls and ceilings combined with the pool are reminiscent of cave living (an equally if not more intimate habitat) which helps the occupants identify the space as protected from and open to the elements.