How to Get Around CC&Rs / by Michelle Linden

This home in Melbourne, Australia by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects is FAB-U-LOUS!!! The design is great, but the best part about this home is the designer's intent. Many architects and designers (myself included) often find themselves bound by very restrictive and unimaginative codes and covenants...

So many of us are forced to try and create a good design within confines that preclude any creative thinking. The intent of these guidelines are often to create a community with similar design ideals and a uniform aesthetic. The results can sometimes be rich and diverse, but are more often homogeneous and monochromatic in design intent. Many designers and architects attempt to design within these restrictions or try to find a way around them... But, this example is the most impressive and inventive I have ever seen.

Located in a historic heritage zone, the modern design is hidden behind an active facade onto which an image of the original home is projected. This solution conforms to the design restrictions, while also revealing the sometime absurdity of such restrictions. The architects intended to create a dialogue about the problem of CC&Rs - and they managed to do so, while also creating a spectacular modernist design. I for one, love it.

[Thanks to my co-worker for forwarding this project.]