Anything and Everything IKEA / by Michelle Linden

Its amazing how much is available at IKEA. What was once an interiors store is now everything interiors and home improvement. Not only can you buy cabinetry and flooring, but you can also buy appliances and plumbing fixtures... Don't want an expensive Sub-Zero? Why not check out what is available at IKEA.

The big question is... Without a track record for appliances, what kind of quality are you getting? While I like IKEA as much as the next person, do you really want a fridge of the same quality as that bookcase you put together? Is it possible that IKEA is reaching too far? I mean, while its great that you could potentially design an entire kitchen to include flooring, cabinetry, and appliances with one visit, are you getting the quality you need for items like appliances, that need to be highly functional as well as safe?

Just a question. I'd definitely be interested in hearing from anyone who has purchased appliances from IKEA.