We Never Had a Chance / by Michelle Linden

Today, C & I were going to visit this (see above) home with our realtor. We've looked at a few homes on our own, but this would be the first with the realtor. Unfortunately, she called last night to tell us that the house had already been sold! It was so frustrating to know that we wouldn't even have a chance to look at it! The Seattle housing market is still so hot, unlike so many parts of the country... But, its a little scary that we could be buying just before the bubble bursts. Homes are still selling in 1-2 days and even more scary, they are still selling for 50K more than asking! That seems a little ridiculous, especially when you consider what you get for the price. Experts and locals don't seem to think the bubble will burst here in Seattle for at least another year, if at all. I'm just nervous that we could buy a tiny house for a huge price only for it to be worth half the selling price in a year.... But frankly, I'm sick of renting and know that we need to buy something soon.

Any thoughts on Seattle real estate?