Hilarious .dwg / by Michelle Linden

These .dwg files available at PartIV are hilarious. When C & I were in school, it was quite the fad (for all I know, its still might be) to inject humor into your drawings and renderings by the addition of unexpected people. Whether it was a fashion model, who happened to be strutting her stuff through your coffee shop... a famous architect hiding out in your library... or a cross section through the torso of some poor schmuck shown on your plans... its always fun to add people. I can just imagine these 'real people' autocad files making their way onto the plans and sections of students around the world.

But beware of adding them to your construction documents! I've seen more than one person berated for adding people to CDs... Did you right a spec for that person? How should the contractor install said person?!?

Check these drawings out... they are all worth a good laugh, and worthy of being used!