Fremont Antique Mall / by Michelle Linden

We visited the Fremont Antique Mall with the intent of buying the console shown at the left. Karen had alerted us to its existence, so we hurried over to Fremont to buy it. Unfortunately, C thought that the drawers were too shallow to use as a dresser (and I reluctantly agreed), so we didn't end up getting it. However, we put our names on a list so that next time something similar comes in, they'll hopefully give us a call.

There are so many interesting finds at the FAM... including these ruler glasses, Wassily chairs (only $375/pair!), and sofa. I've surprised myself in liking the sofa... its different than the things I usually go for. I'd definitely want to recover it in a more interesting fabric, but its still great...

But don't worry. We didn't leave empty handed. We ended up picking up these glasses, a retro clock, and an old auto age magazine (for C's b-day).