Banana Republic's New Ad Campaign / by Michelle Linden

So, I'm probably the last person on earth to comment on Banana Republic's new ad campaign. Its been all over the internet, especially in architectural circles. Everyone has some snide comment about the accurate (or not) depiction of architects in this ad. Feel free to check out The Gawker for a full critique on the ad.

I however, have no reason to criticise. I see no difference from the office shown in this ad to mine. And I especially see nothing strange about the appearance of the architects.

Except perhaps, the khaki should be replaced with black.

And the pastels with grey. Or maybe navy blue.

And hair should be pulled back, so as not to cause a hindrance when hurriedly trying to make a deadline.

And that come hither stare should be replaced with a look of total exhaustion.

And at least someone should be wearing glasses. If not everyone.

But other than that.... yeah, I think the ad is a pretty good representation of the field.