Status Unknown / by Michelle Linden

All of our furniture and worldly possessions have been in storage for the past 6 months while we have been living with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. We're now getting ready to move into a new apartment and retrieve everything that's been packed away. Its funny though, because there isn't much in storage that I feel like we need or want... But I am actually really looking forward to getting our couch back.

Looking forward, but scared to death.

Our couch is the only piece of furniture that we've ever spent a lot of money on, and I love it. Its a light grey microsuede with clean lines and a simple structure, yet very comfortable. I wish I had a picture to share... I'm nervous because the couch didn't exactly travel well when we moved from Hawaii to Seattle, so I'm freaking out a bit about its status after 6 months of storage. Hopefully nothing heavy was placed on top of it!

At least I know that if the couch is completely destroyed and we have to buy a new one, I've found a great site (BoConcept) with a ton of fabulous, somewhat affordable, modern furniture (to include of course, couches and sofas). Check it out; I'm sure that these Danish designers won't disappoint...