Perfect... Almost / by Michelle Linden

We looked at this house today after work... Its only been on the market for 3 days and they are reviewing all offers tomorrow.... I really wish that we had everything ready to make an offer, because we both agreed that this house is just what we are looking for...
A two bedroom, one bath with an attached garage and an unfinished basement. On top of that, it had a fireplace, dining nook, and a kitchen that could use some cosmetic work. Perfect.

It was pretty much the perfect house, except for the price. There are already multiple bids on it, and the house is already at the top of our price range. In the half hour we spent looking around, 2 other couples also came to look.
We'll be spending the next 6 months looking for a very similar house, although it will probably have to be a more reasonably priced area. Here's hoping there is another house out there just like this. And next time, hopefully we'll be ready to pull the trigger.