Our First Try / by Michelle Linden

Well, its official. We have started to look for a house to purchase, and so far its a bust. Although, I realize its probably going to take many many tries before we find what we are looking for... This house really seemed to have potential. Its in a great area of Seattle - Maple Leaf, located within walking distance of some cute shops and restaurants, and just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our jobs and downtown. We've been looking for something small and actually prefer a fixer-upper that we can put some sweat equity into. Unfortunately, parking is a major issue for us. We definitely need an area to park and prefer an existing garage.

According to the listing, this house has a six car garage and is in need of some fixing. Because this was in the perfect area, we decided that this was exactly what we needed. So, getting our hopes up a little too much, we decided to take a look.

Well... there are some things you just can't fix!!! We checked out the garage first, which wasn't nearly as big as expected and still could use some work. Then taking our first steps into the house, we realized that this wasn't a fixer, but a tear down! We felt dizzy and nauseous walking through the house, nothing seemed to be a right angle! It felt like a bad dream, waking up in Alice in Wonderland's universe.

There is just no way that we could fix the problems with this house.
I guess is can only get better from here.