Further Thoughts on the OSP / by Michelle Linden

Ever since we visited the Olympic Sculpture Park yesterday, I've been plagued by a few bothersome thoughts about the park. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time and I think that the OSP is a great addition to the city of Seattle. It really is a destination not only for the residents of Seattle, but also for visitors. However, I'm still boggled by three things.

First... there are signs all over the park instructing visitors to stay off the grass. I think this is just temporary, until the grass is nice and thick. At least I hope its temporary. I mean shit... it was a little disconcerting to be told to get off the grass when we're at the park.

Second... it seemed like there is only one way to travel through the park. Again, the park wasn't complete, so its possible there will be a few more paths in the future. But, I really didn't like being herded through the park. It just seemed a bit too forced for a park, even for a 'sculpture park'.

Lastly... there are signs in front of every sculpture instructing visitors not to touch the sculptures in order to avoid damaging them. Are they that fragile? After all, they are located just a few yards away from the Puget Sound in all its salty glory. It seems to me, that sculptures in a park should have a tactile quality to them... I want to see kids climbing on them, couples lounging underneath. I understand that these are 'high art', but a 'please look, but don't touch' policy seems inappropriate at any kind of park.

Just my two cents. Or three.