$$$ for the NAI / by Michelle Linden

The NAI (Netherlands Architecture Institute) has just received a 1.5 million Euro donation from the Bank Giro Lottery.

They are now one of 20 museum members receiving a donation from the Bank Giro in order to help integrate the Dutch national cultural institutions.

For those of you who are curious.. Located in Rotterdam, the NAI is part museum, part learning tool, and part cultural institution. In addition to the exhibitions and symposiums it routinely puts on for both the architectural community and the general population, it also keeps a great archive of work from Dutch architects dating back to the 1800s.

Honestly, I can't say enough about the NAI... When I was studying abroad in Delft, it was a constant source for both research and fun. I think its great that they are receiving such a generous donation, and only feel a little jealous that there isn't anything comparable in Seattle.