Bellevue, WA

Situated just above Lake Washington with sweeping views, this pre-existing home underwent renovations to the basement, main level, and a new design for the second story addition. The utilization of a cable rail system on the deck ensured that the beautiful view remained unobstructed from any angle. Inside the home, the design is eclectic, incorporating inspiration from a farmhouse structure with a modern twist. The living room was redesigned with a new fireplace and built-in bench seating to offset the domineering aspect of the sloped ceiling. A new, open floor plan improved the flow and function of the home. Considering the home’s extensive deck, yard, and view beyond, the owners wanted to create a space that could flow between the outdoors and indoors seamlessly.

A 16-foot folding glass wall was designed to bring the outside in, while ensuring it could be enjoyed during all seasons. One of the stand-out details in the home is the kitchen, representing a centerpiece to the home. Mosaics were designed both in the kitchen as well as the bathrooms throughout to establish a point of visual interest while serving as complementary details. Different patterns and details incorporated throughout the home break up the relatively neutral gray color palette. Wide-open windows ensure each room is filled with natural light and that the view is accessible from anywhere in the house.

PROJECT Bellevue Modern Farmhouse - Residential Remodel and Addition


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