Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

The name “Barque Brontes” refers to a ship, the Bark Brontes, which sailed between Seattle and San Francisco, carrying lumber for trade during the 1850’s. This also lends to the maritime inspiration for the space. The function of the space is threefold: first, offering passersby the opportunity to stop in to the cafe space for pre-made items or a cup of coffee; second, as a catering kitchen serving a diverse clientele around the Seattle area, and lastly as an educational space offering baking and barista classes to the community. 

The cafe space, which is open to the general at the Pike Place Market, was intentionally designed to be a smaller size and cozy with primarly counter seating either looking out onto the sidewalk, at the barista or through the window into the baking area where visitors can watch beautiful creations being made like their custom cakes and desserts for catering. The main design element is the curved countertop which was designed in a way to display baked goods to be viewed right as a customer walks in and have a low “open” countertop to house and display the ModBar coffee machines. The intent was to have the making of the coffee drinks be seen and interactive with the customers

PROJECT NAME Barque Brontes - Tenant Improvement