Seattle, WA

Enough space for two artists to create large-scale works. A connection to their family in the same space. These were the challenges faced when designing this new studio addition for two artists who thrive in large workspaces, but who don’t want to be removed from home life. The structure needed to fit seamlessly into a residential neighborhood while also taking up a small footprint on the existing lot. To do so, a two-story design was enacted that gave each their own space. Connecting the two is a spiral staircase and trap door, allowing for the easy passage of large canvases between the levels. Constructed with a modern aesthetic in mind, found or salvaged materials were used to add character and dimension to the clean lines. Large windows and sliding doors further allow for natural light to stream in and for equipment to easily come and go. With a covered deck connecting to the main residence, all members of the family are free to move between the two buildings, enjoying both a space for creativity and a closeness to the comforts of home that allow inspiration to strike.   

. . . . . .

Local painter Kyle Cook, who inhabits the top level of this studio building, is currently our featured artist for our winter 2018 quarter. His latest collection, "Excavated Landscapes" will be up in our office gallery space until March 31, 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

PROJECT Artist Studio - New Residential Construction