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Show Statement

Anna Macrae continues to explore systems within abstracted urban and rural landscapes. A network of, organic shapes and lines are built up over embedded textural surfaces during a process of layering and editing. Building on an ever changing environment, in flux and morphing, that give rise to an informal dialog between the process and the inhabitants.


I was born and educated in England, and I have lived on the Eastside of Seattle since 2001.

I consider myself a lifelong artist, and from an early age I surrounded myself with art making. My mother and grandmother were both artists, their skills were often put to use in a more practical and domestic environment, but their approach to life instilled in me creative possibilities in everyday objects and situations.

I gained qualifications in Civil Engineering, but my passion has always been for art making, and engagement in community based arts interactions.

I am a process driven artist. My work is generated in response to the materials that I use together with the techniques and processes that I have developed. I am interested in texture and surface and playing with nonprecious unconventional materials.

I court contrast and contradiction, and continually challenge myself to explore new methods of working. I thrive on attempting to harness the potential chaos of the unknown during the creative process of making abstraction.

I surrender to the rules of chance and natural intuition as I make and play.

SHOW TITLE Morphing Landscape

ATELIER DROME SHOW DATES February - March 2018

ARTIST CONTACT annmacrae.com



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